Transcribing recorded audio and video increases accessibility to the information it contains. Written copies of business meetings, interviews, lectures, podcasts or oral histories are easier to refer back to and can be made searchable.

I can transcribe most audio or video files. I can also combine this service with desktop publishing to produce compelling documents to send out to your stakeholders, students or subscribers.

Optional extras

Alongside basic audio transcription, you can opt to include time stamping for easy referral, or desktop publishing to turn lectures and podcasts into eye-catching information sheets.


Audio transcription starts at $1 per minute of audio but varies according to the quality of the audio and the number of speakers. The actual cost will be confirmed with you after I have reviewed the audio, before commencing the transcription.

Time stamping at 30 second intervals is $0.15 per audio minute.

Desktop publishing can be quoted according to your specific needs, the complexity of your desired design and the length of text to be included.

Sending Files

Online uploading of files through my website will be available shortly. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me and I will send you instructions on how to send files through.

Let’s build something together.