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Facilitation and Consultation Support

Helping facilitators provide exceptional reports to their clients

Northern Rivers Word Services offers analysis, reporting and desktop research services to facilitation firms, to ensure that your skilled services are followed up with impeccable reports.

Case Study

Health and Mental Health with Tuna Blue Facilitation, Fremantle WA

“Thea never fails to deliver on those complex projects that require huge amounts of collation, analysis and synthesis. Her ability to extract meaning from desktop exercises and consultation outputs always adds the needed value to our engagement projects. Working with Thea is a joy and she provides a critical level of rigor to our team.”

Will Bessen, Tuna Blue Facilitation

As industry-leaders, Tuna Blue Facilitation works closely with the Mental Health Commission (WA) and the Department of Health (WA) on major State policies and guidelines. My assistance has included:

  • Sustainable Health Review (2017): Consultation results analysis and report writing
  • WA Suicide Prevention Framework 2021-2025: Desktop review and consultation results analysis
  • Local Government Support Resources for Public Health Planning (2020): Desktop review and report writing
  • WA Regional Aboriginal Suicide Prevention Plans 2021-2025: Desktop review and report writing

Suggested Services

Consultation, poll and survey analysis

Consultations, polls and surveys can be an effective method of community and stakeholder engagement but they can result in a mountain of responses, making it difficult to see the forest for the trees. I provide a detailed analysis of the results, including:

  • Overarching themes
  • Common requests, comments or recommendations

Archival research

Let me build the foundation for your future research or community consultation. This service includes:

  • Identifying published documents relevant to your needs; and
  • Providing a literature review that outlines key concepts, themes, findings and recommendations within the identified documents.

Reporting and editing

As facilitators, you strive to conduct in-depth, friendly and open discussions that draw out useful information for your client. Your client needs a Consultation Outcomes Report that is clear and concise, but often how to present this becomes an afterthought. My writing service can take care of this for you and may include:

  • Executive Summary
  • Project Background
  • Overview of Consultations
  • Key Themes and Outcomes
  • Desktop Research
  • Recommendations
  • Full Breakdown
  • Next Steps
  • Glossary

Combined with consultation or survey analysis and document formatting, you can concentrate on gathering top-quality information and rest assured that a complete report will be ready for your client in your required timeframe.

Let’s build something together.

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